The Process

In order to be hired as a Caseworker by the Monroe County Division of Human Services, you must take and pass a competitive examination, given by the Monroe County Civil Service Commission. These exams are offered four times a year. Beware of the deadlines for applications, as they predate the exam by two weeks to a month. Late applications are not accepted.

The first step is to apply to take the exam. Find that application here.

To study for the exam, find the study guide here


  • Graduation from a regionally accredited college or university
  • Resident of Monroe County within 90 days following appointment (temporarily waived)
  • At least 21 years old

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Upcoming Exam Dates:

Exam Date 
December 3, 2022
Application Deadline
October 31, 2022

Scope of Examination:

The written, multiple-choice test will cover knowledge, skills, and/or abilities in such areas as:

  1. Establishing and maintaining effective helping relationships in a social casework setting
    These questions test for an understanding of the factors contributing to the development and maintenance of positive and productive client-worker relationships. You will be provided with descriptions of specific client-worker interactions and asked to select the appropriate responses. The questions cover such topics as confidentiality, time management, professional ethics, and referral techniques.
  2. Interviewing
    These questions test for an understanding of the principles and techniques of interviewing and their application to specific client-worker situations. You will be provided with a series of concrete interviewing situations for which you will be required to select an appropriate course of action based on an analysis of the situation, the application of the information provided and the ramifications of various interviewing principles and strategies. You will also be asked questions about the interviewing process and various interviewing techniques.
  3. Preparing written material
    These questions test for the ability to present information clearly and accurately and to organize paragraphs logically and comprehensively. For some questions, you will be given information in two or three sentences followed by four restatements of the information. You must then choose the best version. For other questions, you will be given paragraphs with their sentences out of order and then asked to choose from four suggestions the best order for the sentences.

Calculators and Reference Materials:
Most civil service written tests do not require the use of a calculator or slide rule. However, the use of calculators is ALLOWED for this exam. Candidates have the option of bringing a hand-held, quiet, battery or solar-powered arithmetic calculator or a slide rule to the test room. Candidates will not be permitted to use calculators containing spell check, dictionary, language translator, address or telephone book, personal digital assistants, or typewriter keyboard features, or any similar devices. You may not bring books or other reference materials.

A “Guide to Taking the Written Test for the Caseworker Series” is available in the Monroe County Civil Service Office in Room 210, County Office Building, 39 West Main Street, Rochester, NY 14614. The guide is also available on the Monroe County Web Site listed at the bottom of this page. This guide contains sample test questions similar to the questions that will be used in this written test. If you would like one mailed to your home address, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the above address. This written examination is being prepared and rated in accordance with Section 23(2) of the Civil Service Law. The provisions of the New York State Civil Service Law, Rules, and Regulations dealing with the preparation and rating of examinations, as well as establishment and certification of eligible lists for positions in the classified service, will apply to this examination.

Monroe County reserves the right to discontinue this continuous recruitment program and re-establish a period announced date type of examination.


For more information and complete instructions on taking the caseworker examination, download a detailed PDF here