Monroe County caseworkers assist people in our community that are in stressful situations due to financial, emotional, or social issues. They are responsible for monitoring and improving, the well-being of families and children. They have access to a variety of tools and services that can help them achieve their goals. Responsibilities for this role include:

  • Conducting home visits to investigate reports of abuse of children or adults, and assess the safety of the home.
  • Intervening, if necessary, to improve the wellbeing of those in the home. An intervention may include removing individuals from the home if they are in danger.
  • Creating plans and making referrals for clients in need of services or guidance.

Minimum Qualifications:

Aside from a positive attitude, a compassionate spirit, and a team mentality, there are only a few qualifications necessary to apply to become a caseworker. These qualifications include:

  1. Applicants must have earned a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
  2. A Valid Drivers License
  3. A car to use on a daily basis